Sunday, March 13, 2011


Went around  clicking random photos with my camera. Some of them have surprisingly turned out really good. And well, a little help from good old photoshop didn't ruin anything! :) Here are a few of the lot that I particularly like.

Chai straining

Blooming Sadabahaar at night on my window sill

The Blue Flame

The Posing Paint brush! 
A glass of shimmering lights
The eyehole
Vintage shop find- Elephant pendant.


  1. Did you seriously click them from your digicam??

    Really artistic...

  2. yes they are from the digicam. not bad no? :)

  3. Really good! :) Love the sadabahar, u need to take real good care of it, looks awfully delicate. The Chai straining credit goes to me though :P And u need to mention how delicious the tea was :P

  4. Is the sadabahar (aka a more posh rosy periwinkle!!) going well?

  5. @abby - Thank you. :) The flowers are indeed delicate.In the past few days around 10 of them bloomed! The chai straining picture has been clicked at home. Though the one i clicked at your place turned out well too. :) and yes, apart from that you're a chai masterchef! :P

    @a-a - Yes! the sadabahars are in good health. My and mum have a special bond with the plant now. It's like the new baby in the family! :P

  6. Make sure you sing, "There is a pretty flower in this house" to it!

  7. Haha i will, i will.:) In fact i'm already singing it! :)