Friday, March 25, 2011

Chutti ke din!

Another year comes to an end for me. My second undergraduate year has officially finished it's term. I haven't actually 'planned' a to-do list to accomplish for these holidays. But I have already started doing things that I love. Firstly, I cleared away all the traces of academia by packing my college books and keeping them in the depths of my cupboard. I got my painting kit out and made a few canvases! I got new earphones to replace the broken ones for my i-shuffle! Went for a few evening walks around my area. It's the only time when the weather maintains a pleasant head and it gets surprisingly breezy. Also, met my grandmother and a few cousins. It was good to see them all.I also took a lot of photographs. Here are a few.

Time to get the colours outta the tubes! 

Painting 1- I love random patterns!

Paniting 2 -A gloomy day for the city

Good music for company!

Street at night

Bonfires - Pre-Holi night

The fridge magnet!

In the freezer- a summer escape? 


  1. Nice! Love the freezer and the paintings.

  2. Love the paintings... The freezer One is cool( no pun intended) good to see the painting is coming along so well..

  3. I like the freezer one too. :) yeah, the paintings seem to be turning out quite well. I'm making a few more. :)

  4. great stuff.paintings, smart frige magnets evening walks. gud stuff