Sunday, June 26, 2011

To May

Here's a little ode that I had scribbled on the pages of my favourite "Little Green Book" a while ago. It's dedicated to a month which somehow always manages to withstand and ward off the harshness that the other months seem to bring!

Sweet May! Your short-lived journey concludes at last.
Leaving you behind; with her sweet sun kissed body,
Nature enters the wet chambers of the days yet to come.

Dear May! You have always brought such bliss,
Not a tear was ever shed on your sunny days. 
Sweet sweaty children sing summer songs,
birds constantly cheep from morn to night,
the breeze carries their tune across many a mile.
Lovers passionately entwine under the canopy of trees,
Venus basks near the glistening park fountain, 
an air of contentment dances around her.

When pragmatic duties are replaced by indulgence,
when long days brim with ecstasy,
when scented balmy nights whisk me away from sadness.
Oh merry May! Now you're gone.
A dreary wait is what it will be,
till you arrive in your warm merry cape yet again!


  1. Ooh new blog post.

    That is a lovely picture. And I love the poem for its sweetness and Victorian feel!

    Also torn paper background - nice:-)

  2. Love it.... It really captures the essence of May. It was lovely, wasn't it...

    i only have one question: Which lovers did you see entwined behind trees... ( I know its for poetic effect, but if it was real, I want to know...)

  3. @ A-A - Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :-) I hadn't updated my blog since a long time. Didn't know what to post. So took your suggestion of starting off with a poem. :-)

    @crys - Thank you! Yes, may was lovely even if the temperatures soared upto 40 degrees! I don't know, most of my mays have been nice and 'may'morable! :-)
    and about the lovers- maybe I was inspired by the ones who loiter around at hiranandani garden! :P